Fianna Fáil Proposal Will Drive Down Costs for Clubs

This week, Fianna Fáil will be setting out a new proposal which could see sports clubs that have a licensed bar on their premises benefit from reduced commercial rates.

At present, clubs that have a bar are being charged commercial rates on dressing rooms and sports halls. This is draining vitally needed funds that should be available to invest in facilities.

Under the Valuation Bill 2014″ Fianna Fáil are proposing that clubs will only be liable to be charged rates on the part of their property which is licensed to sell alcohol.

Currently, the state applies full commercial rates to club facilities such as sports hall and dressing rooms. Essentially, this means that organisations that have invested in their facilities are being penalised. To me, this move is simply applying a level of fairness to sports clubs who inherently work on behalf and for the benefit of, their communities.

I hope we can see some cross party agreement on this simple but effective measure which is sure to help clubs right around the country.

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