Results of Survey of Naas Retailers

Below are the questions as they were asked on the survey with results detailed.

Would you say there is adequate parking in Naas Town Centre at the moment?

Yes – 19%

No – 81%

Has free parking on Saturday’s benefited your business?

Helped my business – 61%

Hindered my business – 7%

Made no difference – 32%

Would you like to see free parking on Saturday’s continued in Naas Town Centre?

Yes, all day – 65%

Yes, from 11am – 35%

No – 0%

How well do you feel your views are represented at Naas Town Council?

Extremely Well – 0%
Quite Well – 19%
Moderately Well – 11%
Slightly Well – 15%
Not at all well – 56%

Do you feel businesses in Naas Town Centre would benefit from the following?

. Positive Impact Neutral/Negative Impact
Completetion of Derelict Shopping Centre 100% 0%
A Supermarket Retailer 91% 9%
More Festivals/Family Days 96% 4%
More Fashion retailers 91% 9%
“Pop-Up” Park 87% 13%
More Pedestrian Areas 67% 33%
More Restaurants/Cafes 59% 36%


Survey details:

Fifty surveys were distributed to Naas retailers on Saturday 22nd and Wednesday 26th of March. 28 responses were received at time of publication. Respondents were given the opportunity to complete the survey online and in person. No personal details provided by respondents will be made available to third parties.

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