Is There A Cure in Sight For Poster-mania?

Campaign Posters

Putting up posters for #LE14

Last Wednesday was the beginning of silly season for the elections as it marked 30 days from Election Day i.e. “Go-Day” for posters. I’ve a great team of supporters who were out until well after midnight putting up posters around the area. From Caragh to Kilcullen, to Ballymore Eustace to Kill and right across Naas town. As one of the few candidates in this race who isn’t a sitting councillor and has never run before, logic says that I should benefit most from the use of posters. But the truth is I’d happily do away with them if we could get agreement from all candidates. Agreement from every candidate, no matter what the issue is always a tall order. But there is another way. On Friday I got word from my Director of Elections that Kill Tidy Towns were unhappy with the level of postering that had gone on in the town. I was more than happy to oblige (as it seemed were most of the other candidates) and remove my posters from the area. No candidate wants to upset a group of engaged residents such as a Tidy Towns committee and I commend Kill Tidy Towns on taking the initiative in approaching candidates. If candidates can’t agree together then it falls on the residents to speak out for their area. It might take another five years but I hope we see more groups come forward and make similar requests in their areas. Not only will I oblige but I’ll happily encourage residents to do so! P.S. I’ve also removed a couple of posters which were placed in areas that may have been blocking road signs or attached to ESB polls. I’m not trying to upset anyone (although I did contemplate putting posters on poles facing into the houses of other candidates) so if you see my mug somewhere you think it shouldn’t be please just drop me a text or a mail and I’ll happily remove it. 

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