Major Upgrades Planned for N7

Kildare County Council are pleased to confirm that upgrade works on the M7/N7 and Sallins By Pass have been approved.

The decision was made by An Bord Pleanala to allow for a new Interchange at Osberstown (A By-Pass for Sallins) and an increase to 3 lanes each way on the M7 from Junction 9 (the big ball) to Junction 11 (branch-off for M9).

These works will also include an upgrade of Junction 10 better known to locals as the “Bundle of Sticks” exit.

The cost of these works will be funded through the Department of Transport and Kildare County Council are actively working on drawing down that funding to progress works as soon as possible.

Aside: If you’re a commuter like me these upgrades will probably shave a nice bit of time off your journey each week. If it saved the average commuter just under 10 minutes each day that’s the equivalent to 40 hours a year – another working week of free time!

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