Kerdiffstown: From Environmental Nightmare to Public Park

Last week was another step forward in cleaning up the environment in Naas. Three pictures below from 2011, 2017 and the last is a plan for 2023.

Six years ago noxious gases filled the air in Naas, Johnstown and surrounding areas.

The fire at Kerdiffstown dump was a very serious threat to the quality of the environment for residents nearby.

Since then, lots of work has gone into securing the site and making plans to ensure this dangerous situation is never repeated.

This week I was proud to oversee the signing of the Compulsory Purchase Order and planning files to change this 74 acre landfill into a public park with all purpose pitches, walking routes, planting and a playground.
Still a long way to go but huge credit due to the team in KCC who have taken the project to where it is today.

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