My Priorities


Ensuring our businesses have the support they need from Kildare County Council is very important to me. I want to see our small towns play an important role in everyday life again. I am particularly keen to see Naas revitalised and the long awaited Naas Shopping Centre come to fruition.


I will work with local businesses and organisations to tackle unemployment by creating the conditions which allow for increased employment, particularly among our young unemployed.


Supporting education provides benefits that will be felt for years to come. I will work to ensure our schools and training centres receive the support they deserve.


The development of large scale energy projects within Co. Kildare is a very real concern for many communities. As a member of the Council’s Energy Committee I will work to ensure our communities are protected and that any development adheres to the strictest guidelines and that they are subject to a needs based assessment.


Campaigning for the provision and support of adequate facilities for older people in our community.


I will ensure local government is held accountable for providing an efficient and effective service that represents the needs of our entire community. As a member of the Protocol and Procedures committee I am keen to see that today’s council works effectively and is cognisant of the role it plays in representing the people who elected it.


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